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Oh Noes!

2010-03-02 03:17:12 by BananTj

Epic Fail!
My computer where i do all my stuff on crashed!
All my files and movies are deleted!!!
So that means i wont get to fix Random DooM, or finish my other works!

I will be working on something new soon, i hope..


Oh Noes!


2009-11-11 12:28:31 by BananTj

hey everybody!!!

Ive finished my latest work: Random Doom!

you can watch it now!

ok so since im a big Fifth Element fan, AND a big Madness fan...
..Am i now working on my new project: The Fifth Element: Madness!

im re-creating the futuristic city scene, including the chase and leeloo's first sight of Futuristic New York Metropolis!

See you soon on NG!